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Network system Lab – Recruiting new graduate students

Information and communication Engineering Graduate school, Chungbuk National University, South Korea.

Positions for MS or Ph.D international students with full research scholarship

Research areas:

(1) Wireless network
+ Wireless LAN
+ 5G cellular network
+ Internet-of-Things
+ Time synchronization in ad-hoc network

(2) Communication Theory
+ Communication system design and optimization
+ Heterogeneous network


(1) Graduated or will graduate with a Bachelor or a master degree in the major areas of Electronics, Computer Science, Information and Communication, and other IT related majors
(2) Must have completed Bachelor or Master degrees with superior GPA
(3) Must have strong motivation towards MS/Ph.D.
+ Mathematical background in signal processing, random process, and linear algebra
+ Programming skill: C/C++, Matlab

Required Documents:: Send via e-mail (ktjcc@chungbuk.ac.kr)
(1) CV (Curriculum Vitae)
(2) A copy of a transcript, A copy of graduation certificate
(3) A copy of official English test score sheet such as IBT or IELTS (if available)


(1) Financial Support: Research Scholarship covering tuition fees and living expenses in South Korea

(2) Housing: Admitted student may be assigned a university housing (dormitory)

Contact Information:

Taejoon KIm, Ph.D. Associate Professor
School of Information and Communication Engineering, Chungbuk National University
E-mail: ktjcc@chungbuk.ac.kr.

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