Học bổng về Computer Engineering tại Hallym University

Bấm vào quảng cáo để ủng hộ Hàn Quốc Ngày Nay

Major: GPU based Parallel Computing, FPGA Chip Design
Học bổng: học phí, vé máy bay khứ hồi sang Hàn Quốc, bảo hiểm y tế và 900,000 KRW/ tháng.
Nơi học: Trường Đại học Hallym, thành phố Chuncheon, tỉnh Gangwon. Cách Seoul 1 giờ bus và tàu điện ngầm.
Thời gian bắt đầu nhập học dự kiến: 09/2015
Thời gian học tập: Master là 3 năm, PhD là 4 năm, Combined là 5 năm. Trong đó đã bao gồm 1 năm học tiếng Hàn.
Hạn chót nộp đơn: 13/03/2015

Ứng viên nộp hồ sơ về địa chỉ jeonggun.lee@gmail.com. Sau khi xem xét, hồ sơ đạt yêu cầu sẽ được giới thiệu tới NIEED để lấy học bổng KGSP.
Chi tiết xem ở thông báo bằng tiếng Anh sau:


Graduate Research Assistantship at the Department of Computer Engineering, Hallym University, Gangwon-do, Korea
The Embedded System on Chip Lab of the Hallym University seeks to recruit promising PhD and MSc research students. The selected students will conduct research in the [GPU based Parallel Computing] and [FPGA Chip Design] research space.
Interested applicants should contact Prof. Lee, Jeong-Gun by Friday, March 13, 2015 Korean time (GMT + 9). His contact details are as follows:
– E-mail: jeonggun.lee@gmail.com
– URL: http://www.onchip.net
Promising candidates will be recommended for the Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) for Foreign Students. To qualify for this highly competitive scholarship, applicants must meet the following requirements:
• Hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree as of September 1, 2015
O For Master’s program (or Integrated Master’s & Doctoral program): students should hold a Bachelor’s degree or a diploma that is equivalent to or higher than Bachelor’s degree
O For Doctoral program: students should hold a Master’s degree or a diploma that is equivalent to or higher than Master’s degree.
• Important Requirements:
O Good background in the cognate area(s) of research
O Good programming skills
O Good English language skills- written and oral
O Good ability to cooperate with others in a multicultural environment
O Good ability for highly motivated independent research
Listed below are some features of this research assistantship and the expected benefits of the program for successful applicants:
O Tuition fees for study period
O A round-trip economy class ticket to and from Korea
O Monthly Allowance of 900,000 won(KRW)
O Basic Medical Insurance
O Extra allowances based on research performance
Duration: Direct MSc- 3years, PhD- 4years, Integrated MSc & PhD- 5years (these include Korean language training for cultural exchange and to assist students properly integrate while in Korea. However, lectures and research activity will be in English language)
Expected commencement date: Sep 2015
Application Procedure
Interested applicants should send the following to Prof Jeong-Gun Lee by Friday, March 13, 2015 Korean time (GMT + 9):
1) Study plan (clearly stating the research topics you are interested in. We would like to know your research interests and their relation to the given research areas)
2) Academic transcripts
3) Brief summary of most recent thesis and the status (eg accepted, in progress, submitted, etc)
4) CV (to include names, date of birth, nationality, sex, contact details, education, work experience, publications). Only electronic applications are accepted. Items (1) , (2) and (3) should be merged as one pdf file with the name Familyname_Firstname_Hallym_App2015.pdf. Item (4) should be saved as a pdf with the name Familyname_Firstname_CV.pdf. Both pdf files must be sent by the stated date and should have “2015 Application for Research Assistantship at Hallym University” as the e-mail subject.
For any further questions about the positions, please contact: Prof Lee, Jeong-Gun at the stated email. Successful applicants will be notified by March 15, 2015.